New York Nerds takes a proactive approach to monitoring and managing network security within your technology environment. This proactive approach includes IT security audits and assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities in your IT network and mitigate those vulnerabilities before they compromise your network or data. With network security specialist compromises increasing in complexity and in sheer volume, a sound mitigation strategy and IT services partner is now critical to your successful prevention of security breaches. Our Network Security specialist services identify, prevent, and mitigate IT network threats to the following technology environments:

  • Wide Area Network
  • Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Software – Applications and Operating Systems
  • Hardware – Firewalls, Servers, and Workstations
  • Hardware – Wireless Access Points
  • Internal and External Users
  • Internal and External Communication Solutions
  • Trusted and Untrusted Sources
  • Authentication, Rights, and Permissions

Network Security Best Practices and Solutions:

  • Centralized Anti-Virus and Malware Management
  • Network Firewalls with Access Rules and Port Restrictions
  • System Access Controls Including Smartcards and Biometrics
  • User Rights and Permissions Consulting
  • Intrusion Detection and Vulnerability Scanning
  • Business Policy and Procedure Management
  • Physical Security Specialist Considerations
  • Data and Communication Encryption Solutions

Risk Management Challenges:

Reactive security expenditures are more costly and less effective than establishing a strategic security program foundation to manage security.Implementing security that is both effective and efficient is difficult without the right expertise. Organizations face a wide range of risks that must be addressed in an integrated and transparent manner.

Risk Management Solutions

Before you can implement effective security, you must first understand your risks. Experts at New York Nerds are available to perform an Information Security Risk Assessment and Gap Analysis to clearly define your risk and then help you create or re-engineer your existing security program to address this risk.

Establishing a strong security program with the right policies and procedures helps you become proactive and strategic with security. New York Nerds can help structure your security program in an auditable  format to address your obligations, while achieving security best practices and infusing a risk-based management approach throughout your organization. Interested in implementing an IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)-infused security program? New York Nerds provides a proven IT GRC methodology with expert consultation and coaching to help you produce measurable results with a test once, satisfy many philosophy that creates new efficiencies and significant cost savings.

Compliance & Audit

Regulatory/Compliance Challenges

Increasingly complex regulations and standards are constantly evolving. Your clients contractually require proof of compliance or inquire about your security practices. Failure to achieve compliance may leave you subject to significant regulatory fines and also be costly to your brand reputation and corporate image.

New York Nerds Regulatory/Compliance Solutions

Many businesses are exposed to multiple regulatory and compliance obligations that continue to change. Experts at New York Nerds are available to help you navigate through your compliance challenges, inform you of your current risk and establish prioritized remediation strategies to achieve and maintain the level of compliance your particular business requires, most affordably and efficiently.

  • PCI Guidance & Planning
  • PCI Onsite QSA Audit & Remediation Services
  • PCI ASV Scanning Services
  • Experian EI3PA QSA Assessment
  • HIPAA HITECH Gap Analysis & Risk Assessment
  • NERC CIP Gap Analysis & Risk Assessment
  • Smart Grid Implementation Grant (SGIG) Cyber Security Plan Facilitation and Consulting
  • FFIEC Guidance & Planning
  • SSAE 16 and SOC 2 Preparation & Assessments

Managed Services Challenges

  • New exploits that can threaten the security of your network are released daily.
  • Keeping the devices on your network secure is an intensive task for already resource-constrained IT departments.
  • Undetected security incidents can compromise sensitive information and interrupt your business, resulting in costly downtime.
  • Many companies install monitoring devices but lack the time, resources and expertise to successfully manage them. Mountains of data that may indicate your company is at risk may be left ignored.

Managed Services

New York Nerds Managed Services help you take precautionary security measures to identify and address your security weaknesses year-round. Rather than hiring additional staff to perform any number of these services, we can do the work for you more efficiently, affordably and with greater skill. With our Managed Services Solutions, your bases are covered.

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