Network Infrastructure Management Plan

Technical Support

Unlimited Telephone Support

Help from a real person is always when you call our toll free line (516) 606-3774. If we’re all tied up assisting other customers like yourself, you will receive a return call with a 1 hour guaranteed response time.

Unlimited Remote Control Support

Remote Control Support revolutionizes the way we deliver technical help to our customers. When you call in for assistance, this enables our service technicians to take control of your computer to provide you with fast, easy and secure support service.

On-Site Support

On-site support is provided after remote and telephone support services were unsuccessful. If a problem cannot be resolved remotely, a service technician will be dispatched to your location in accordance with the urgency of the problem.

Internet Infrastructure Management

ISP Management

Your Internet connection and associated contracts can be difficult to manage without the proper technical knowledge. New York Nerds will work with and manage your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to ensure that your Internet service is working properly. We will obtain all the information necessary to manage and support your Internet provider as well as monitor your key systems to make sure that they are on-line. If there is an outage, you can count on us to work with your ISP to get you back on-line as soon as possible.

Router/Modem Management

We will work with your ISP to manage your Internet Router/Modem used to keep your Internet connectivity up and running. We will work with your ISP to keep your router up and running and contact them when we detect a problem.

Firewall Management

For an additional fee, New York Nerds will document and maintain your firewall according to industry specifications and standards. We will strive to keep the highest level of security while maintaining user productivity. Please note that in order to ensure the security of your network, this service may require that you purchase a firewall if you existing unit is unable to effectively counter the threats currently on the Internet.

VPN Management (Optional)

Many organizations today have people working from other locations including their homes and on the road. This can be accomplished using a Virtual Private Network or VPN. For an additional fee, New York Nerds will answer the questions that arise regarding your VPN and document the programs, processes and procedures required to keep it running. In addition, we will help your remote users (that are using laptops managed via the Desktop Management Service) when the VPN connection does not work.

Complete Email Infrastructure Service (Optional)

25 Email Accounts

Our Email hosting service eliminates the need for businesses to manage their email in-house. Your emails are processed through secure and reliable servers housed in data centers throughout the United States. The email is then delivered to your inbox or to your intended recipients. Additional Email accounts are available for an extra flat-rate monthly fee.

Symantec Brightmail Spam and Virus Protection

Our Email service comes with industry-leading spam protection from Symantec® Brightmail Anti-Spam™ and Anti-Virus this way protecting you and your business from spam and viruses. When mass unsolicited Emails are sent, they are detected almost instantly by the network and stopped before they reach your Email box with a 99.9999% accuracy rate.

Website Management (Optional)

Web Hosting

Web hosting is a necessity for any Website – it’s literally the platform that holds the content for your Website and allows your Website to be seen and used. For small businesses, managing Web hosting can be a serious challenge. As part of the Internet Infrastructure Service, New York Nerds. will provide Web hosting with one of the industry’s leading Web Hosting companies that serves over 200,000 Websites with 99.9% server uptime.

Domain Name Registration with Domain Protection

A domain name is your address on the Internet. It’s where people can find you, and it serves as your online identity. A domain name is used as an address for your Website and Email, just like and 

At New York Nerds, we will register a domain name that you select for your business or take over management of your existing domain. If the name you selected is not available, we will propose several alternatives to help you market your business. Our Domain Protect adds an extra layer of protection to your domain name registration, guarding it against unauthorized domain name transfers. It provides protection from “domain hijackers” or others who may attempt to authorize a transfer of your domain name registration and blocks the unauthorized transfer of your domain name to another Registrar.

DNS Management

All Web servers connected to the Internet are assigned a unique IP address so they can be properly located. The Domain Name System, or DNS, is a network of databases spread throughout the Internet that is responsible for routing easy-to-remember text-based domain names to their corresponding numeric IP Addresses. New York Nerds will manage your DNS as part of this service.

Five (5) Page Website Design

New York Nerds Infrastructure Management Service will deliver a completely custom Website built to your exact business needs that includes up to 5 pages from our database of design templates. You’ll work directly with an experienced designer who will recommend ways to help you succeed online and will offer you a number of design templates to select from. You choose the number of pages, the structure, navigation and graphics to fit your needs.

Search Engine Optimization & Submission

As part of the optional Website Design service, our Web designers will submit your Website to search engines and identify improvements on your Website that can help get it indexed by search engines more successfully. Optimizing your Website can result in high placement in ‘natural search results,’ or in the area where you are not paying to be listed.

Online Yellow Pages

Similar to traditional print Yellow Pages, Online Yellow Pages are directories of businesses, organized by business category and location. As part of the New York Nerds Infrastructure Management Service your Website will be submitted to the online Yellow Pages to help generate leads.

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