Server Plan

Technical Support

Unlimited Telephone Support

Help from a real person is always when you call our toll free line (516) 606-3774, you will receive a return call with a 1 hour guaranteed response time.

Unlimited Remote Control Support

Remote Control Support revolutionizes the way we deliver technical help to our customers. When you call in for assistance, this enables our service technicians to take control of your server to provide you with fast, easy and secure support service.

On-Site Support

On-site support is provided after remote and telephone support services were unsuccessful. If a problem cannot be resolved remotely, a service technician will be dispatched to your location in accordance with the urgency of the problem.

Proactive Support

Automated Maintenance Processes

Many repetitive tasks should be completed on a regularly basis to keep your server running smoothly are often not performed because of the time and attention that they take. Our Server Management Service automates specific and general tasks that keep your server up and running.

Automatic Server Updates

Our Update Service Module enables New York Nerds to electronically deliver updates, and patches to the managed server over the Internet. This also provides New York Nerds with real-time data about installed updates so that the New York Nerds service technician can verify that your servers are up to date and protected.

Microsoft Security Patch Management

With the importance of computer security, nothing is more important than maintaining up to date security patches from Microsoft for the Windows Server® operating system. As part of Service Agreement, New York Nerds will monitor and maintain the patches and provide you with reporting as required to make sure you are up to date.

Service Monitoring

Event Log Monitoring

New York Nerds will proactively monitor your Windows Server Event Logs to ensure that warnings and signs of trouble are handled prior to them affecting your server health. Through our advanced monitoring tools our service technicians are alerted to critical issues as they occur.

Service Availability

We’ll monitor the key services on your server to ensure their availability to your business. If something isn’t working properly, we’ll most likely know before you will. This service monitors network and service availability by monitoring all aspects of your server applications and functions. If and when a failure is detected, our service technicians are alerted by email, pager or SMS so that they can take corrective action by, for example, rebooting the machine, restarting the service or running a script.

Drive Space Monitoring

We will monitor hard drive space on your server to ensure that the available hard drive space is within a pre-determined limit. Should the limit be reached, the New York Nerds support agents receive alerts so that appropriate action can be taken.

Server Software Application Administration

This is an optional service for businesses that run mission-critical applications such as Microsoft Exchange™ Email, SharePoint or SQL on their servers. As part of this optional service our Service Technicians will install, administer and support your server applications. The separate flat fee for this service is charged per application per server per month.

Server & Data Security

Anti-Virus Monitoring, Management, & Update

We’ll monitor and manage all aspects of the Anti-Virus software, which will keep your server protected from the latest Internet risks so that you can feel assured about the safety and integrity of your information. Should a virus be detected on one of your servers, your dedicated service technician will be alerted and will ensure that the issue was eradicated.

Symantec AntiVirus™ Software

Our Anti-Virus Monitoring, Management, & Update service includes the world’s most trusted antivirus software, Symantec AntiVirus that will help you stay protected. This software protects your computer against viruses, worms, and malicious Trojan horses.

Symantec Anti-Spyware™ Software

Our Anti-Virus Monitoring, Management, & Update service includes Symantec Anti-Spyware™ software that protects servers from spyware and other potentially unwanted software. This helps reduce the negative effects caused by spyware that include slow server performance, annoying pop-up ads, and unauthorized access to your network data.

Data Backup Service (Disaster Recovery)

Data Backup Service provides secure and efficient networked data protection and disaster recovery for your server. The entire server (up to 50GB) is backed up weekly. By taking advantage of our Data Backup Service, you can look customers and colleagues in the eye and tell them their data will not be lost to hardware or software failure, power outages, viruses, fire, natural disasters, or just simple human error.

User Account & Security Administration

Our Service Technicians will manage all user account settings on your server including all file sharing and user and group-level directory permission administration.

Setup, Planning and Purchasing

Inventory of Server Hardware

Our inventory information management will keep inventory of your managed hardware so that you don’t have to. This enables us to provide advice for, when it is time to upgrade hardware or software, which of your systems is compatible and which may need upgrading.

Server Software Installation

Optionally, New York Nerds can remotely install your new software program(s) on your servers via remote support. Pricing for this optional service is a one-time charge per software application per PC. Please note that while we do not act as a policing agent for software licensing, it is our policy that we ill install and support only software that is properly licensed.

Networks Partner Access

By leveraging our large customer base and the thousands of desktops and servers we manage, we have negotiated national partnerships with leading companies to provide your business with discounts on equipment and service purchases.

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