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How Can the New York Nerds Give You a Hand?

Your connection to your computer doesn’t end when you leave work. Far from it. Your computer keeps you connected to the world around you. It gives you the freedom to work away from the office. It keeps you laughing as you watch videos on YouTube, keeps you in touch with faraway friends and relatives as you scroll through photos on Facebook. And it keeps your kids up to date with their homework.
So what do you do when your companies computer systems crash? When you lose your work at 3 a.m. the day it’s due? Or when you see the slowdown or other signs of a virus, spyware, or other malware?
You call New York Nerds! That’s what you do. We have the technical experience and know-how to get you back up and running pronto. We come to you — Yes, at 3 a.m. if necessary. With same-day service in the tri-state area. Even if all you need is help connecting your new printer, we’re there for you.
24/7/365. Same-day service. And yes, all our Nerds are certified. No wonder New Yorkers have been calling us for tech support since 1994.
We Come To You 24/7/365!
All Nerds Are Certified!
Same Day Service in the Tri-State Area

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So What Can The Nerds Do For You, Anyway?

You name it. Sure, we’ll fix your broken laptop and sort out that network connection that isn’t working. But that’s not all we can do. Check it out:

SaaS Services

Let’s hear it for speed and cutting costs! Experience Software as a Service, load times up to 2x as fast, thanks to low-density servers, premium hardware, and multiple caching layers. Spare your in-house IT staff of tasks associated with on-site hardware and software support and maintenance, letting them tackle projects more vital to your company’s future growth. Read More


You’re vulnerable — But do you know how? We can guide you through and implement compliance for HIPPA, PCI/DSS, SOX, you name it — and we’ll help keep you safe. We can also tighten things up for you, your family, and your office too. Partner with the New York Nerds for your IT security support, protecting your companies data from malicious cyber threats and information disasters. Together we can continue to keep your data confidential, community protected, and your future intact.Read More

System / Network Audits

Can your system put up with the demands you’re making of it? We’ll help you update your tech — including your network and security if needed. As managed service providers, we provide reports with insights into your IT environment with software and hardware we bring to your office. By getting to know your website ins and outs we can provide you our findings, the right recommendations, and the support that you need.Read More

We Come to You

Need on-site service? You got it. Call us at 516.606.3774 to hear all your options. If it’s an emergency, press the number for Emergency Support, and we’ll connect you. And yes, we are available to come to you — home or business — 24/7/365. You can’t beat that.Read More

Or We'll Help You Remotely

Whichever you prefer. What can we do remotely? How about installing most software, troubleshooting problems, removing viruses, and tuning up your computer’s performances. That’s just for startersRead More

Got Questions?

We’ve got answers to your questions. And we get them to you fast. How fast? (Yes, we have an answer to that question!) 3 minutes. Or even less. That was our average response time in 2017. And all those 3-minute responses? They came from real human beings. Not bots. Nothing canned. People helping people.Read More

Welcome to New York Nerds

If any city needs the highest level of computer and networking service and support, it’s New York and her surrounding towns. That’s why we founded New York Nerds in 1994. And we’ve earned that nerd status, with all our employees certified and steeped in real-world experience. Look around the NY Nerds and you’ll find Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, hardware specialists with A+ certification, network pros with CCIE and CCNA certifications, and data security experts with CISSP certifications.

Basically, whatever you need, we’ve got the experts on hand to support you!

Managed Services

You just want your IT to work without having to actually deal with it? Cool. The New York Nerds can do that, too. We’ll manage part of your network or the entire infrastructure. Whatever you prefer.We’ll provide on-site IT support in NYC or help you out remotely. Always professional. Efficient. Customer-oriented. Not to mention secure. The details: We service Microsoft, Apple, Linux/BSD/*nix desktops, laptops, and servers. All of them. Yes, we work on mobile devices, too. As always, 24/7/365.Read More

Regulatory Compliance

What regulatory compliance concerns do you have? HIPAA? PCI/DSS? SOX? Or…? Call us at 516.606.3774 to see how we can support you in protecting your clients’ sensitive information while also complying with government regs. We handle software licensing compliance as well.Read More

Forensic Investigations

Are you headed to court? We’ll provide the IT evidence and witnesses you need. We investigate your computer systems and data to gather the digital info you need, and we’ll support you in figuring out how that unauthorized user breached your security. Even better — We’ll perform the annual security audits and penetration testing you need to make sure hacks don’t occur.
And yes, we have an industrial espionage department, should you need those services.
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What Our Client's Say:

Sam is the most competent and reasonably priced IT professional I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. She is upfront, keeps you informed throughout the process and does her best to deliver as quickly as possible. She goes above and beyond the basic service and does not overcharge for the extra service. Cannot recommend these Nerds enough.
Alfred Herman
Alfred Herman
13:00 10 Aug 20
Tony is awesome. He's smart, quotes you up front, and over delivers. I was sold before I walked in the place. Sam is amazing and the name of the business is very appropriate. Don't waste time reading more reviews. If you have been lucky enough to find the Florida Nerds, use them.
Michael Bob
Michael Bob
07:20 14 Aug 20
They're the best! While they were not able to repair my hard drive, they recommended who could. They spent a lot of time on my computer and they did not charge me for the full amount of time they spent They're trustworthy and honest. I will definitely use them again.
Anna Buchholz
Anna Buchholz
11:46 11 Aug 20
I am so happy I went with The Florida Nerds I dropped my laptop off on Thursday afternoon and picked it up on Saturday morning. It's running better than ever- virus free! I really couldn't be happier. Tony is very honest and knowledgeable and is extremely fair (i.e. he will not overcharge you for a simple fix).
Jayden James
Jayden James
13:34 18 Aug 20
Best counter experience I've ever had, and my pc was repaired as promptly as they promised. Thanks Sam and Tony, you made this easy. Your shop is now my default destination for all things tech. Don't waste your time with other shops. Go to The Florida Nerds!! Tony, thanks again.
Yael Counts
Yael Counts
10:21 18 Aug 20
Wow! Truly amazed at how knowledgeable and quick Tony is. He saved me a load of time, explained everything to me so that I could understand exactly what was going on and finished fixing everything in no time. All services have been excellent, and they always go the extra mile to improve my computers' capacity and capabilities. Recently when I was ill and unable to go to pick up a USB cord from their office, Tony, one of the owners, offered to drop it off for me at my home. I'm grateful for their care and expertise.
Mark Starr
Mark Starr
10:46 08 Aug 20
I love this place. These guys are knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and they know their stuff. I am completely out of my element when it comes to dealing with computers and their problems. They have never talked down to me, are excellent at explaining what's going on with my computer...I trust them completely.
Debra Lay
Debra Lay
15:44 06 Sep 20
Samantha is top notch. She explained everything in detail that she was going to do and was very quick. She even replaced a part to my computer at no extra charge. Any future computer work I need will be put into the good hands of the people at The Florida Nerds. I can’t thank you enough
PlayHap pyClub
PlayHap pyClub
11:35 07 Aug 20
These guys are great! So helpful and reasonably priced. They always go above and beyond when I have issues with our computers. In the end, their services were wonderful, they were fast, and the cost was extremely reasonable, especially at 3am when our network took a dive.
Elaine Conner
Elaine Conner
13:20 19 Sep 20
The Florida Nerds are the best. They fixed my slow computer quickly. In the future, The Florida Nerds will be my first choice. Wish I had learned about them a long time ago, I could have saved a lot of time, money and frustration
Gary Turner
Gary Turner
11:45 22 Sep 20
Totally pleased with the service and cannot recommend Sammy enough. You can trust her to find the right cost-effective solution and do it quickly. Can't go wrong with these Nerds. I wish more businesses were this devoted to quality and good service. Thanks Florida Nerds!
Johnny Edward
Johnny Edward
20:55 11 Sep 20
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