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It can be difficult to find the best IPTV service, but it is not impossible. This guide will explain what an IPTV service provider looks like, the reasons people use it, the things you need to consider before you choose a service and the top IPTV services currently available.


Freedom Stream is the overall best option overall for most people. Why? They’re not only the service provider, but they take the thought out of hardware and setup by also providing pre-configured hardware. The content is immersive and extremely diverse.


The Best IPTV Service Providers

These are the top IPTV services available. We will not discuss the exact pricing details, as companies have the ability to change their pricing at any moment. To get the most current pricing information and details about service plans, always visit the provider’s site.


Freedom Stream (Best Overall).

  • Channels: 10,500
  • VODs: 9600
  • Connectivity: 4

Freedom Stream is one of the most prominent providers of IPTV AND Hardware. Their focus is on providing a full-on cord cutting solution. They provide the hardware and it’s preprogrammed for services. Freedom Streams’ services include a variety of US, regional, and international programming. In addition, there are over 400 4K Channels ready to play at any time, and they’re major network channels.

Freedom Stream broadcasts most of its television content in 1080p (aka Full HD) and 4K (aka UHD) video. Fairness aside, 1080p isn’t terrible by any stretch. It is perfectly high-quality by its own merits, but not ultra-high definition. You get both with the Freedom Stream Scissor 2.

Freedom Stream makes things easy. Purchase the box with service, and there’s no other bills you’ll receive for an entire year. It’s an easy way to save money out of the gate. It’s also a cord-cutters dream. Once you make your initial purchase of the scissor, you’ll be able to add additional Freedom Stream Scissors to your cart. They allow a maximum of 4 boxes per account Most people opt for 3 or 4 boxes as this is what the usual in most households are.

While the Freedom Stream Scissor can be connected to Wi-Fi, it makes sense to use a physical Ethernet connection for streaming. 1080p video is slightly more than weaker wireless connections can handle, especially if there are multiple Freedom Stream Scissors in your home, all running at the same time. This service works better for physical connections.

Do you like sports? If so, Freedom Stream has all the major league and foreign sports you want. From MLB Extra Innings, NHL Center Ice, NFL Sunday Ticket and more, this box pays for itself within the first month. I’m only beginning to scratch the surface. If you’re like us, you’ll spend several hours going through everything, learning what’s what, and where your old favorites are and making new favorites as you explore content from abroad.

Freedom Stream has a lot to offer, especially if it’s an ultra-wide selection of channels. We think they are the best overall choice; it’s hard for other providers to compete with their service offerings, especially since the hardware has been provided.


Comstar IPTV

  • Channels:10,000
  • VODs: 9000
  • Connectivity: 1

Comstar IPTV is one of the largest providers worldwide, offering over ten thousand channels as well as nine thousand additional movies and TV shows on-demand. We don’t recommend them to Iconic Streams because they are definitely in the “more than you’re going to ever watch” category.

This is true for all streaming services, but it is especially true here. Comstar IPTV broadcasts in Full HD (1080p), standard HD (720p), or standard definition (480p). Standard-definition TV is unlikely to be the only option for most people but can help you cut down on internet usage.

Comstar’s videos, like our top choice, are generally acceptable as-is. However, you won’t find any 4K content to make the most out of modern streaming. They are more friendly to wireless connections, particularly if streaming in regular HD or SD quality.

This service’s streaming limit is the biggest problem. The streaming limit is too low for most households and only allows one device at a given time. While four connections are optimal, two are acceptable. However, if you live alone, one connection at the same price as any other service won’t work.

Comstar has the advantage of making it easy to access content via their app. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, as well most personal computers, smart TVs, and some streaming sticks.

Comstar is slightly more expensive than our top option, but it is still a very affordable plan. They are the same price for all practical purposes. Comstar offers a 48-hour trial that allows you to try their system.


TV Team

  • Channels: 7900
  • VODs: 7500
  • Connectivity: 1

TV Team is a large service, but they aren’t as popular as other options. TV Team has almost 8, 000 channels and almost as many videos on-demand as Comstar IPTV, but it doesn’t offer quite as many channels.

This is the key deciding factor in the huge channels range. It’s better to search for services that have thousands or even thousands of channels than one moderately large number.

TV Team streams all content in 1080p like Comstar. Some content can also be streamed in 720p and 480p to reduce bandwidth usage. This is a standard for IPTV providers so it shouldn’t be a reason not to choose them.

does have one thing that makes them stand out: they do not contain any adult content. TV Team avoids pornographic content, whereas some IPTV services offer easy access to such material. This makes it safer than other services, but you might still find mature material on similar channels and movie networks.

TV Team offers personalized playlists upon request, as well as full support for VPNs. This is great if privacy is important to you. There are two drawbacks to this service.

They are noticeably more costly than other options. They only allow one connection per plan. If you live alone, this is a tough selling point.


Snap IPT

  • Channels: 10,000
  • VODs: 9000
  • Connectivity: 1

Snap IPTV, another high-channel competitor to TV Team, is also available. This service, like our backup, offers access to more than ten thousand channels as well as on demand access to more than nine thousand videos.

Snap IPTV works on all computers, tablets, and smartphones. It’s always good to see compatibility because it’s not worth getting an IPTV service that you can’t use. Snap IPTV claims to work with almost every service.

Snap IPTV’s video quality is what sets them apart. They stream the same Full HD/HD/SD combination as other services, but they also offer certain channels in 4K resolution. If you wish to view 4K videos in 4K quality, we recommend using an Ethernet connection over wireless internet.

The real selling point here is video quality. Snap IPTV is the best option if you have 4K TVs in your home and want to make the most of them. The service is available anywhere you have internet access. However, it only allows one streaming connection per person.

We don’t like it because it isn’t enough for multi-person households, as we’ve already explained. Snap IPTV is cheaper than its competitors which makes it easier to stream some content and tolerate the limited internet connection.

Snap offers a 24-hour trial so that you can try their system before purchasing it. It’s better to have at least three days before you buy a service.

Snap IPTV is overall a decent service. Its main problem is its limited internet connection. However, it is generally reliable and provides better video quality than other competitors.


Online IPTV Pro

  • Channels900
  • VODs30,000
  • Connectivity:4

Because of its small, focused setup, Online IPTV Pro stands apart from the rest of the providers on this list. They offer just 900 channels and a fraction of the international providers’ content, which is not a bad thing. They are primarily focused on English content, but they also have international material.

A ton number of videos are also available online. They offer more movies and shows than most of their competitors, with an average of 30,000. Online IPTV Pro is closer to a Netflix competitor than an actual television provider. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

Online IPTV Pro offers a single monthly package for a flat rate. This is unusual. While most providers offer three-month, six-month and twelve-month options, this provider offers a shorter-term, more traditional subscription.

Online IPTV Pro is more expensive than many of its rivals. This provider offers four connections per month, which is a significant difference from the other big channels. This is enough for most families and makes them a better value proposition than multiple subscriptions to other providers.

Online IPTV Pro offers a free three-day trial, which allows you to test the services and get a feel for how they perform day-to-day, before purchasing. This is more than a fair trial period. It is far superior to what most competitors offer. This service has a lot of great features, despite having fewer channels.

There are two things you should also consider. Online IPTV Pro offers some adult content. You must unlock it with the code provided by your subscription. This means that neither you nor your family can see that content unless you choose to.

They are currently at a very low capacity, which is even more important. If they reach their limit, IPTV providers might stop accepting new subscribers. You may not be able sign up even though you love everything you’ve read. This is the main reason why they are so far down this list.

Also, you can check out the provider but be ready to choose another provider if they aren’t available.


IPTV Subscription

  • Channels700
  • VODs20,000
  • Connectivity:3

IPTV Subscription is one of the most generic names available on the market. This is a shame because they provide a very robust service. They are closer to Online IPTV Pro than any of the channel-focused providers at the top of our list, as the above stats show. They are one of the smallest options in this list, with just seven hundred channels.

They offer over 20,000 titles on-demand so you can watch what you want, whenever you want. Before you shop, here are some other things to keep in mind.

First, they stream mostly in HD and SD quality but not full HD. For most screens, you can expect 720p video. This is not the best quality for certain movies or television shows. People prefer 1080p video, so the absence of Full HD streaming is a major drawback.

IPTV Subscription supports up to three simultaneous connections. This includes one outside of the house using 4G data. They also allow access to their content through the NORA GO APP, a third-party accessibility app that helps providers deliver their content without managing an app themselves.

We believe that four connections are the optimal number for most households, as we have already stated. Although three is not enough for large families, it’s sufficient in most cases, so we don’t complain.

The service is only available month-to-month. You won’t be able to get discounts for long subscriptions. They are moderately priced despite having fewer channels. However, they are still cheaper than multiple subscriptions to the same service. IPTV Subscription is a good deal in this sense, but they aren’t the best overall.


Necro IPTV

  • Channels: 2000
  • VODs: Unlisted (low).
  • Connectivity: 2

Necro IPTV is a basic provider with a few channels and a small library of on-demand content. This alone makes it difficult to sell, but they are not yet.

This provider is best for streaming TV content that doesn’t require a cable subscription. They offer a Catch-up feature for 7 days so that you can watch the most recent TV. However, this system is not always reliable and may not be available all the time. This service is much closer to regular TV than Netflix and Disney Plus.

IPTV streams content mostly in Full HD (1080p), as it does with most other better providers. This is perfectly feasible for most households. You can also stream on up to two devices simultaneously, which is somewhat limited for most households but much more manageable than a single-connection plan.

Necro IPTV is moderately costly for IPTV services. Although they offer 12-month and one-month plans at fairly competitive prices, this pricing overlooks the fact that they offer far less content than other channel-focused providers.

Necro IPTV does not offer a free trial. They once offered a free three-day trial, but due to abuse, they have made it a paid trial. It’s very unfortunate, as it makes it much more difficult to test them.

Overall, Necro IPTV doesn’t seem to be a bad service. Their relatively high price combined with a smaller number of channels and a lack of significant on-demand catalog means that they don’t have as much content to offer as other services. We cannot recommend them to customers unless they offer a better value proposition.


BestCast TV

  • Channels800
  • VODs: Unlisted (low).
  • Connectivity:5

BestCast TV offers another low-channel service. They recently pulled their advertising about the number of channels because they aren’t as good as the larger services. 800 channels are still quite a bit if you have all the content you want, but it’s quite telling when companies don’t want to disclose how much material they provide.

BestCast does not offer many on-demand options. However, they are very focused on video quality. They stream at full 1080p. You can also find a lot of local channels and international content in Spanish, German, Russian, Polish, and Russian. This is a great selection for European residents.

BestCast offers a catch-up function that is an important reason to choose IPTV over traditional streaming services. Their number of connections is what makes them stand out.

This service supports up to five simultaneous connections, which is easily one the highest numbers in this list. It’s more than we normally ask for and that’s something we don’t often see. This makes BestCast more appealing to larger households, particularly if you have high-speed internet access that can support all these streams.

This is an important consideration that many people forget. Although having many connections is good, it takes bandwidth. It is difficult to stream five videos at 1080p with a poor connection.

Although BestCast does not have everything on its site, they offer a free one-day trial. This gives you enough time to download the system, configure it, and then browse through the content for a bit. Although a three-day trial would have been better, a one-day trial is better than none or worse, a paid trial.



  • Channels:30,000
  • VODs: 100,000
  • Connectivity:1/2/5

IPTV Gang stands out instantly for its incredible amount of content. IPTV Gang has more content than anyone else, with over 30.000 channels and over 100 000 movies and TV shows. They also offer content in 1080p and 720p as well as 480p.

These are some things you should know about the service and how it works before you rush to download. First, IPTV Gang is a heavily international service that features a lot of content from Europe, Asia and the Middle East. You won’t likely care about all their channels so accessing them is not necessary.

A second consideration is that they are more expensive than other providers, particularly if you need more connections. There are options for plans with one, two or five simultaneous connections. However, the most expensive plan, which offers five connections, is the entire cost of a cable package.

This means that they are a very expensive service. It is not surprising, considering how much content they have to manage. They have over 1000 sports channels worldwide, 1500 live shows, and 650 adult channels.

Unfortunately, there are no free trials. Although they offer a 24-hour trial for a small fee, there is no way to test it out. IPTV Gang is compatible almost with every device. This means that you can sign up to watch it from virtually any place.

IPTV Gang’s low ranking is due to its inability to be trusted as other services. Its main focus is on the European region. Their site makes a few errors that premium services would not make. It’s difficult to recommend this service, despite the incredible amount of content.



  • Channels: 13,000
  • VODs: 25,000
  • Connectivity:1/3

SportzTV is a new option in the ever-growing IPTV market. Their variable number of connections is what makes them stand out. You can choose from one, two or three streams simultaneously. This setup is great. However, we would prefer four connections to the top plan.

SportzTV isn’t purely focused on sports, despite the name. With over 6000 channels streaming in HD or better quality, they offer PPV channels. This is a good deal, and they are more family-friendly than other competitors.

SportzTV is compatible with all electronic devices including streaming sticks, smart TVs, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, tablets, and smart TVs. Although they don’t claim universal compatibility it works in most cases.

You can subscribe to one, three, or twelve-month subscription plans. It doesn’t matter how many connections you want. Although they don’t offer a six-month subscription, most people won’t choose that option. It’s not an important omission.

They do not offer a free trial period. It is better to get the one-month plan. You can get a refund within 24 hours if your subscription does not work on your device (or for any other reason at their discretion).

This is a negative for a solid service. SportzTV has a wide range of channels and videos to choose from and offers competitive pricing for each tier and connection. Although it isn’t perfect, SportzTV is a great choice for most people. It’s worth looking into.


What is IPTV?

IPTV stands to be Internet Television. Internet Protocol Television. It’s essentially what its name suggests.  Collectively, the term includes hardware and software. Its ’used to deliver content to households as well as to companies providing this content.

The definition will be used in the first section of this guide to describe the actual service. We’ll move to providers once we reach the service reviews.

IPTV Services

Although exact services may vary from provider to provider, the majority of IPTV services can be classified into one of three main categories. Although they can be accessed from the same menu, or system, they operate in a different way on the back end.

  • Live Media

Broadcasts and television shows that are live on the internet are called live media services. You can find news channels, sporting events, and almost any other information you would expect on traditional television networks.

Because most channels offer commercial breaks, live media often includes them.

  • Time-Shifted Media

Time-shifted media is basically a replay of previously broadcast content. This can be used to replay a show from hours or days ago. You can also use “start over” to replay an already-aired show from the beginning, if you happen upon it live and wish to see more.

Time-shifted media serves primarily as a convenience to people who love watching live TV but are unable to be there the first time they air. This is the only way to see certain types of content that has been previously broadcast.

  • Video on Demand

Video-on-demand is the most popular of all services. You can browse a catalogue and select content to play. This is how most people think about digital streaming services.

There are many video libraries that differ between IPTV services. Make sure you check them before you use them.

  • Interactivity

Interactivity is a bonus feature, but it’s not an integral part of content creation. It is noticeable enough to influence how people interact with the content.

Interactivity can be used for picture-in-picture, search-based programming guides, context-sensitive statistics, and programming guides. Although this feature isn’t widely used, IPTV allows you to adjust the camera angles for some shows.

Although it is incorrect to claim that interactivity options are unlimited, they offer more than traditional cable TV. These technologies will be more popular if IPTV is growing in popularity.

However, providers offer only basic interactivity options now. This means that this is not something you should be looking for, but something to consider for future services.

What is IPTV different from a VPN?

IPTV and VPNs are 2 very different services.

VPNs hide your internet traffic, so no one can see what you’re doing or where you are. Although VPNs don’t provide 100% anonymity at all levels, they can significantly increase overall security. VPNs can also be used to access content from countries you might not normally have access to.

IPTV services are mostly content delivery platforms. They do not offer security benefits and only allow access to certain channels and material on demand through their private network.

IPTV services are semiprivate because your internet connection goes to their servers and doesn’t interact with the rest of the internet, so casual snoopers on other servers won’t see your activity. IPTVs do not protect all of your internet activity.

IPTVs can be accessed and stream content.

You can also find VPN guides for Kodi Firestick, Roku and Nvidia Shield that will allow you to access at least some IPTV services.

Who uses IPTV?

IPTV is older than most people realize. Although IPTV is newer than it was in the home market, it has been around for a while in corporate settings where it can stream live content to multiple computers and TVs.

IPTV can also be used in remote and small areas that don’t have high-speed internet access. Companies can send traffic via satellites, without losing too much speed.

IPTV is less popular than traditional internet access, but it is still very popular with internet service providers.

What TV Channels can I see on IPTV?

It all depends on the provider. IPTV can stream any live TV channel directly to your home provided they have access the original content feed. These limits are more contractual than technological.

Some TV networks might insist that certain packages be available to all customers. Some services allow you to select certain channels, or allow for mixing and matching to create a custom channel lineup.

Although it is possible for IPTVs to offer regional networks not available in certain broadcast areas, this is rare. It makes it easier to stay up-to-date with local events.

Is IPTV possible on demand?

Yes, broadly speaking. IPTV, as we have already discussed, includes on-demand content. This is in fact the main reason that many people receive it. On-demand material, except for time-sensitive events such as live sports broadcasts or news broadcasts is more easily accessible.

IPTV may be more popular than streaming services like Netflix in some ways. However, IPTV does not offer live TV. IPTV offers more options than other streaming services, including the ability to pause live TV, skip to the next episode, and engage with the content in other ways.

What are the Factors to Consider when Choosing between IPTV Service Providers

When choosing between IPTV providers, there are several key factors you should consider. These are the main considerations.

  • Legitimacy

IPTV is concerned about the legitimacy of its providers. Legitimate providers are those who have contracts to stream the content that they offer. Some IPTV services may not be legitimate or provide enough information to prove it. It is difficult to recommend or trust them.

The most trusted providers are usually well-known companies with content delivery services. Although IPTV services offered by internet service providers are generally the most trusted, there are legitimate IPTV companies.

It is important to know what the company’s history is before giving any financial information. You can protect yourself if they accept only online payments.

  • Price

Prices for IPTV services can vary greatly. These services are not available with high-speed internet plans and therefore cost more.

Independent services can cost between $10 and $20 per month, which is significantly less than cable TV packages. We’ll show you the rest of the picture shortly.

  • Speeds

Although IPTV speeds are mostly good, they do require a high-speed internet connection. Although hardwired connections are more efficient, particularly for 4K video streams at 4K, good wireless connections can also be made at home.

Because they control the servers on a private network, IPTV speeds can be high. They determine how many servers they will need to offer high speeds to all their customers.

Although this depends on having a strong network, IPTV speeds can be incredibly fast and may even be faster than other services.

  • Content Library

The content library of an IPTV service is crucial for many people. It doesn’t make sense to sign up for a service that doesn’t offer the number of channels you desire, no matter how advanced its technology. This includes both live and on-demand TV channels.

This is where IPTV services fall short. They are not able to compete with regular on demand services for their content libraries. This makes them a difficult sell for the content. However, IPTV services are a better option for accessing TV channels at a lower price. That’s their main selling point.


These are the top questions that people ask about the best IPTV service.

Is there an IPTV that is free?

Yes, you can get IPTV services for free. We can’t recommend these services with any confidence. These services stream content only in SD quality. Worse, these services may block your content from being finished by you with unreliable servers or annoying ads.

The good news about IPTV is that they are generally cheaper than cable TV plans. This means you can access most of the same content at a much more affordable price.

Is IPTV safe?

Although IPTV services are generally safe, we still recommend that you use a VPN to protect your privacy. Low-cost or free services can be suspicious as they could sell your information to make ends meets. A robust VPN can help mitigate that.

If you’re interested in using a VPN, check out our comprehensive guide to the best VPNs. Our list has been sorted in multiple ways to make it easier for you, such as by device, activity, and price.

Is IPTV Legal?

IPTV is legal provided that the provider has either a license to stream their content, or appropriate access to it under local laws. Because IPTV services are available worldwide, there may be instances where inappropriate practices might be legal.

Although they can usually provide proof of licensing, reputable providers may not be able to provide details about pricing or negotiations. This is sensitive information that can affect their competitiveness. Therefore, even legitimate companies will try to avoid publishing it.

Is IPTV going to stall or buffer?

Although most IPTV services run smoothly, they can sometimes stutter or buffer during times of high load.

Most of the time, the problem is not with the service, even though it may appear that way at first. A robust network of servers is a key component of better IPTV services. They can distribute loads and maintain high connections speeds.

IPTV is unique because companies manage all aspects of their server systems. A good company will be able to provide enough servers to satisfy customer needs.

Things slow down in the home due to household networks. As we have discussed, limitations in your home network can make it difficult to get the best out of an IPTV service. You are not going 4K streaming on a basic network with no lag.

If you want to avoid lag, 100 Mbps is the minimum speed for multi-person households. These speeds are not supported by many older wireless networks. You can reduce lag depending on the setup.

Most ethernet connections are faster than wireless networks. Cat5e cables are used in most households for ethernet connections. They support speeds up to Gigabit (1000 Mbps). Some wireless networks only reach 50 Mbps.

If you do a lot on the internet, then ethernet is fundamentally superior to wireless. Although it is simpler, cheaper, more reliable, and offers more mobility, ethernet is more efficient than wireless. This is not an issue for most computers or mounted televisions.

The End Result

There are a lot of providers to choose from, but Freedom Stream comes out on top because they provide the hardware and a curated subscription. It’s a cord-cutters dream. If you need help installing your IPTV hardware, you can call this company 24/7/365