New York Media’s publisher says Apple News is in ‘really early days’, sees potential in platform

  • New York Nerds
  • March 31, 2018

Facebook has been getting a lot of heat as of late due to its users’ privacy concerns about the platform. New York Media’s CRO and publisher Avi Zimak takes a deeper dive into online media as a whole, more specifically noting that Apple News has promise.

Zimak first states that it had very little traffic from Facebook, and that was even smaller after the company changed its algorithms to bury content on the News Feed.

We weren’t hurt by [Facebook’s] algorithm change. It was a small hit for us. We didn’t put our eggs there.

He mentions that New York Media stands on its own pretty well, with not much help from social media. However, Zimak says that Apple News has a ton of potential growth and that we’re still in the early days of the platform.

[Lack of monetization on Apple News] is going to change. Our audience numbers have been impressive. The usership and engagement is solid. We’re not pumping in ads yet. What I like is they are open to helping us monetize in every way possible. We’ll be able to put display ads, custom and branded content, open programmatic in Apple News. It’s really early days with Apple. They’ve been receptive and forthcoming, and they’re trying to prove they will be flexible with ad models.

After the news of Apple picking up digital magazine service, Texture earlier this month, it may not be too long before we see the next evolution of Apple’s publishing platform.

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