Go ahead. Compare us.



Let’s get down to the bottom line. What do all these top-notch IT services cost? How do we stack up to the competition?

Don’t worry. You’ll be happy with the answer. Take a look — And yes, we took all our competitors’ prices (based on on-site work) right off their websites. Go ahead, check them for yourself.

Computer Setup$49.99$99.99$99.99 Per HourNo Pricing Listed$149.99
Computer Tune-Up$80.00$129.99$149.99 Flat FeeNo Pricing ListedOnly Carry In Service Offered
Data Backup$80.00-160.00Starting At $199.99$99.99 Per HourNo Pricing Listed$149.99
E-Mail Setup$80.00Not Offered$99.99 Per HourNo Pricing ListedNot Offered
Hardware InstallFree w/ Hardware Purchase$149.99$99.99 Per HourNo Pricing ListedOnly Carry In Service Offered
Hardware Repair$80-240.00$149.99 Per Hour$99.99 Per HourNo Pricing Listed159.99
Virus Removal$80.00-160.00$249.99$99.99 Per HourNo Pricing Listed$199.99
Wireless Networking Setup$80-160.00Starting at $99.99$99.99 Per HourNo Pricing Listed$149.99 per hour

See for yourself. At New York Nerds, we pride ourselves on charging significantly less than our competitors. On top of that, we’re a local company. An independent company. Because of that, we have a deep connection to our customers (you!). And we can typically turn around your computer or other IT needs much faster than the companies listed above.

Put us to the test. Call us for a quote at 516.606.3774. Or email us at info@nynerds.onpressidium.com. We’re the New York Nerds, and we’re ready to help you with all your computing needs.