Geek Squad vs The Florida Nerds

Service by Service Comparison

Geek Squad Comparison: Price and Services

You’ve heard of the Geek Squad. They’re those guys based at Best Buy who handle computer repair, upgrades, and setup. Maybe you’ve even used them to transfer data when you bought a new computer or to repair your laptop when something went wrong. Maybe you even

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How Are the Florida Nerds Better Than the Geek Squad?

Sure, the Geek Squad gets more publicity. But why would you call an anonymous squad of ever-rotating “geeks” when you could work with an IT company that understands your computer issues, remembers your name, and provides outstanding service every time?

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Service by Service Comparison

The Florida Nerds are ready to help with all your IT needs at home and for your business. Basically, whatever the Geek Squad can do, we can do — and usually you’ll pay less and be up and running faster. Here’s a comparison of some of our most common services:

IT Setup

The Geek Squad handles quite a bit when it comes to IT setup. They’ll set up your new laptop or desktop, handle data transfer, install new software, even set up your printer.
But wait— for the most part, they’ll only do this if you bring your

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Business IT

Sure, Best Buy’s Geek Squad will provide your business with IT services, including installation, diagnostics, repair, virus removal, VPN installation support, and server administration — but you’d better be willing

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The Geek Squad handles your connectivity issues, setting up your router, checking your bandwidth, and connecting all your wireless devices — though it handles many of these tasks remotely, without coming to your home or office.

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Worried about viruses, malware, and hackers? Better not call the Geek Squad — because if you don’t sign up for a pricey tech support or business support package, they won’t help you with cybersecurity issues at all. And even with those packages, all they’ll do is set up a VPN

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Network Administration

Yes, the Geek Squad will provide server tune-ups, diagnostics, and repair to businesses — but at a high price. (We’ll talk about pricing in a minute, but here’s a spoiler: You’ll pay $49.99 per month per user for this service from Geek Squad.) The Florida Nerds don’t care how large

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Repairs and Upgrades

The Geek Squad is known for doing a solid job with repairs and upgrades. Of course, you’d better plan to bring your computer in to the store for service. Even if you’re paying for that high-priced advanced support plan for business, the Geeks will only come to you if it’s absolutely

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Does your business have to navigate government or other regulatory compliance requirements, such as HIPPA, SOX, or PCI/DSS? If so, better not call the Geek Squad — because they don’t offer this service at all.

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Cyber Forensics

Maybe you’re facing a divorce or a family business separation. One of your employees might have stolen trade secrets or other confidential data, and you’re not sure how to prove what happened. Perhaps you suspect an employee of embezzlement, or maybe you’re dealing with

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So it’s clear the Florida Nerds provide services you can’t dream of getting from the Geek Squad. But (we hear you thinking) what does all this amazing service cost? We’re happy to give you full pricing on any service you require (and the price we quote is the price you pay).

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How Do the Florida Nerds’ Services Compare to the Geek Squad’s?

We believe in the simple, clear approach when it comes to our work at the Florida Nerds. So take a look at this chart to help you when you’re choosing where to go for IT services.


Who Are the Florida Nerds?

When you call the Florida Nerds, you get the in-home and at-work IT services you need. We come to you to set up your system, troubleshoot your IT problems, deliver the most seamless upgrades ever.

We come to you, no matter your equipment — Mac? PC? Android? iOS? We handle it all.

And we can know every operating system inside and out — Microsoft, Mac, Linux — You name it, we got it.

When you need IT business support, the FL Nerds are also on duty. We hook up your hardware. We handle data migration and software upgrades. We provide full managed IT services. And we deal with your cybersecurity issues when you get attacked by viruses, spyware, or hackers.

We make IT as easy for your business or organization as possible by coming to you. Wherever your are. We come to your office, your studio, your retail location. We’re available 24/7/365, so you don’t have to wait for the help you need.

We may be relative new to southern Florida, but the Florida Nerds are actually an expansion of the New York Nerds, which has been keeping NYC humming and connected for more than 20 years. New Yorkers love us — and, not surprisingly, so do our newer Florida customers and friends.

What Do Customers Say About the Florida Nerds?

So what do our customers say about us? As it turns out, they say pretty good things.

They say, “The best computer service I have found in all of Florida.” “Superior professional service for your computer and networking requirements.” “Went above and beyond to make sure i got the right solution.”

Our customers use words like “amazing.” “Outstanding.” “Professional.” And more: Polite. Prompt. Efficient. Responsive. Fast. Kind. Super-knowledgeable. Trustworthy. Reliable. And (one of our favorites) No BS.

They talk about how we made their life easy. About how we solved difficult problems for them. About how we know our stuff.

It’s no wonder we have a 5-star rating on Home Advisor. A 5-star rating on Google. We work hard to earn our customers’ respect, and we’re grateful when they express their appreciation.