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New Tech
From a new laptop to a new server, we take care of you. Upgrading your entire system — infrastructure, hardware, and apps? We keep you fully equipped. And we’ll migrate all your data.

Agility + cost savings with NY Nerds Server Virtualization. All the speed and storage you want. Plus all the security you need. We meet your tech and infrastructure environment with a cloud-like model.

Protect your network and your data. We run a security threat analysis to find your vulnerabilities. Then we provide multilayered protection to mitigate your risks. Your network is safe. Your data is safe. Your clients’ data is safe.

And More
Complete business automation. Disaster recovery. Improved network performance. Server and network administration. Remote access. Storage and backup. Relocation. Diagnostics and repair. Firewall setup. Yes, even website design.

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Hi! Nice to Meet You. We're the New York Nerds

If any city needs the highest level of computer and networking service, it’s New York and her surrounding towns. That’s why we founded New York Nerds in 1994. And we’ve earned that nerd status, with all our employees certified and steeped in real world experience. Look around the NY Nerds and you’ll find Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, hardware specialists with A+ certification, network pros with CCIE and CCNA certifications, and data security experts with CISSP certifications.

Basically, whatever you need, we’ve got the experts on hand to help you.