Residential Services: Nerds At Your Doorstep

We come directly to you, 24/7/365

Who are we?

Tired of lugging your computer around to the nearest hole in the wall computer shop when something goes wrong? Tired of trying to figure out how to hook everything back up the way it was? Does your computer need to be upgraded, but you’re afraid to do it yourself? If you’ve answered YES! to any of these questions, then New York Nerds is here to help. One of our Nerds will come to your house, no matter what time of day or night, to get your home/home office computer or network back on track. We specialize in all Microsoft/Apple/Linux software technologies and PC/Mac Hardware.

  • Windows/Mac/Linux operating system installation and configuration
  • Tablet and Smart Phone Service.
  • Building and assembling quality Personal Computers and small home servers
  • Virus/Spyware Detection, Removal, and Prevention
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Other Nerdy Things We Do:

From setting up a new WiFi router to repairing a broken laptop keyboard, we do it all. Read below to learn more about how we can help you.

New Computer?

We'll Set It Up For You

Got a shiny new computer? We'll set it up for you. Need to move your data from your old dinosaur to your new racecar? We'll do that too. Call us for more information: 516.606.3774

Wireless/Wired Networking

Fast & Secure Connectivity

We'll configure your home network for maximum throughput with an emphasis on security. We also setup home media servers and home automation. Call us for more information!

Computer/Network Security

Protecting You & Your Family

We'll lockdown your computers and your network to keep the bad guys away. We'll show you how to identify potential security threats and ways to thwart them.


And home networks against malicious attacks, viruses, disk failures, etc.Supplying and installing graphics cards, network cards and CD/DVD Rom’s.
Configuring or fixing internet connection faults.Customizing your environment according to your specific needs.
Fixing or replacing corrupt hard disks.Memory Upgrades (Adding additional memory to your system).
Installing and configuring licensed software applications.General and advanced System Diagnostics.
Moving data from a failed drive.Virus Detection & Removal.
PC/Laptop on-site or off-site repairs and fixes.Optimizing your PC or network performance.
Recovering lost data.Hard Drive Installation with Data Transfer.
Tablet and Smart Phone Service.Repairing corrupt installed software.
Windows/Mac/Linux operating system installation and configuration.Building and assembling quality Personal Computers and small home servers.



This is not a full list of everything we do. For more information,  drop us a line by filling out the form below, or call us @ 516.606.3774 so that we can help you!

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