Problem: Most Companies Take Over Six Months to Detect Data Breaches

Solution: NYNerds Can Effectively Reduce Detection Time By 6000%

If you’re lacking the right protection and detection systems, you’re leaving your company and your clients data wide open for hackers to steal. Virus Scanning software is just the beginning. The New York Nerds are take a proactive stance in monitoring and managing your network. Millions of eyes are watching your network. Who’s watching your back?

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Where are you vulnerable?

Without knowing where you’re vulnerable, you’re more vulnerable than ever. The fact is that every day, hackers are looking for open systems to exploit. Or even worse, you’ve already been exploited and both your data and your clients data has been exposed.

What about compliance concerns? Everyone’s talking about HIPPA, PCI/DSS, and the newest compliance nightmare, GDPR. If you need to be in compliance with one regulation or another, and have no idea where to begin, we will help you navigate the muddy compliance waters. 

Some clients think Windows Firewall and an off-the-shelf virus scanning application is what they need to be and remain secure. While it’s a good start, it leads to a bad ending almost always. Neither will protect you from every single type of attack that’s out there. These types of applications work best when used with other, more sophisticated hardware and software. 

If you’ve read the above, and you’re concerned about your companies security and your clients data, fill out that form to your left (computer users) or below (mobile users). We’ll get back to your immediately. Good infrastructure is security is essential to protect your bottom line and your companies good name. 

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